*Final scat showdown for 150 bucks

How beautiful everything could have been… For November, I planned to travel to the Ruhr area for three or four days to rent a hotel room. There I would have welcomed each day a different young man, whose feces I would have eaten in front of a running camera, including beautiful smearing all over the body. The complete shit and all, you know. The Ruhr area is perfect because it’s in the middle of Germany where most of my dream boys live. A guy I know via the Internet for about three and a half years, I recently wrote therefore on Instagram. He lives there, in a town called Duisburg, as does another stoner whose bodily excrement I have long desired. Let’s call him Marko at this point. In his early 30s, he’s a bodybuilder and a heavy pothead. Also does martial arts and totally goes out of his way. A maniac. Mentally, if you follow his YouTube videos, has a slight quirk. Not necessarily unlikeable in his way, but not an overachiever as a crowd pleaser either. He does not, it seems, have a lot of brain plexuses. Crying about having ADD or whatever imaginary diseases. All pathetic excuses for the fact that he is mud in the head. Or maybe he was just bathed too hot as an infant. His body, however, is stunning. Steely. Lots of muscles. Gorgeous nipples. His whole upper body is covered with appealing tattoos: artful animals, symbols and writings that transform his otherwise already perfect body into a majestic and uplifting piece of art. Blue eyes and blonde short hair. In his boyish face sit well-shaped lips with which he could make any cock cum with pleasure (it has long been rumored that he is gay, but that’s not confirmed). Lately, he’s been disfiguring his face with a completely unnecessary mustache reminiscent of the early ’80s Manhattan gay scene. When we look below his belt, we spot hairless, sturdy, delicious legs that you would like to lick from top to bottom, from front to back. Maybe he’s a little short, he should be about 1.70 cm. But what would that matter when you kneel down on all fours in front of him while he pisses in your mouth…. How much I’d enjoy it if he used me as a toilet. I dream about this often and regularly. Not infrequently I use his photos and videos as a jerk-off template. He’s a little alpha male, at least by the looks of it.
I wrote him the following a few days ago:

Dear and honored Marko, please excuse me for writing to you. I have 3 1/2 weeks off in November. I could go for a few days to Duisburg, in a hotel. If everything works out, 3 – 4 other dudes will visit me there who donate me their shit. I’m going to chew in front of the cam – new material for a new scat video, hehe. A long cherished dream. My question to you: Would you also stop by? Tastin‘ your feces would be a special moment for me. Of course everything would be anonymous, your name or person would not appear in the clip. I would be very happy. 🙂 Have a great week and all the best.

I suspected that his response, if he responded at all, would not be positive. On the surface, he always acted like he was cool and casual and a great guy who was tolerant and open-minded and blah blah blah, but I’ve assumed from the beginning that it’s just a facade. Behind it he’s nothing but an obdurate and complex-laden scumbag. The very next day he sent me a voicemail in which he finally took off his mask and his true face was revealed. Finally. Here’s the transcript:


*The Pope and I

No wonder that my report Confessions Of A Shit Eater is called up so often; when you’re on Google and type in the word COPROPHILY in Germany and in German language, or FETISH and COPROPHILY, you will come across my scribblings without further ado, via the image section; you are taken directly to the abridged text in German, as I originally published it in 2015. Seen in this way, I am on a par with the current pope, who also keeps popping up there because he once compared journalism to shit-eating scum like me. So in a way, you have to ask yourself the question: is poop sacred?

Someone should shoot a gay scat video in a Catholic church. One of the protagonists shits on the altar, and the turd, captured in golden light, is eaten by little gay slaves who keep crossing themselves. I would thoroughly enjoy that.

*Shitty Business

„It’s a form of entertainment. A show. A sick one. Although everything is authentic and serious (at least most of it), on the other hand, it’s a circus that probably fascinates myself the most, if only because it’s completely bizarre. I am proud of my scat selfies. They are the best portraits of me that exist. Too bad I can rarely use them on social networks.“

*Total excess is total life

There are days when all I can think about is young dudes and caviar, like right now. From morning till night. When I wake up, it’s always quite extreme. Poop is simply the only thing that still turns me on. It seems to be ages ago when a boy visited me to poop in my bathroom. I long for it so much, but right now it’s difficult. It’s kind of like when your dealer has disappeared and you have no other way to get gonzo. The greed gets stronger from time to time, from day to day.
There would be some guys I could visit with my cam, but they are scattered all over Germany. That is so hard. In my dreams they poop hard in my mouth, that’s so nice. There is simply no more beautiful moment. I could lose myself in my own poop, but that does’nt turn me on at the moment. Maybe soon again, with cam. I love my scat selfies. They are the best.
I’ve been in new gay scat groups for a few hours, I quite like them. It’s a shame that relatively few still show up on social media, at least that’s my perception. Some post really nice photos of their turds. It’s always good to know that you’re not the only deviant son of a bitch in the world who’s into that kind of thing.
The other day I asked myself what my goals in life are. Others always make a huge fuss at something like that. If I’m honest, the 10-year anniversary of being King of the turds would be important to me. Isn’t that sick? But I like that! Then I will put a fresh turd on my head for the 10th time, as a crown, and smear my face with poop. That would be in the year 2027. I really hope that the few people who are important to me do not read these lines here, because it is already somehow shameful. But it is how it is. As a dear friend said to me yesterday: INSANITY is our motto of life. And I must say: it’s true.

Lately I have to think of Viliam again more often. This handsome and young petty criminal, whose shit I could have eaten. At a certain moment, it was probably three years ago, he even asked me to move in with me – and I had backed out. That annoys me to no end. For little money he could have set up in my living room, and several times a week I would have been allowed to enjoy his bodily excretions, including his piss. I hope he is well. He is not wrong, even if I was warned about him. Maybe it is better that he did’nt move in with me. But too bad about his poop.


*It was 20 years ago today… 11 September 2001

These days we see again the images that went around the world exactly 20 years ago: the destruction of the World Trade Center towers, the smoking Pentagon, the images of the Islamic martyr Osama bin Laden, formaly unknown as Usāma ibn Muhammad ibn Awad ibn Lādin. Governments around the world remember the deaths that accompanied the attacks with shock and sad expressions. Those who were there at the time are interviewed for the umpteenth time, tears are shed again. Only very few people who look back on September 11, 2001 take the trouble to question how it could have come to this.
The answer is pathetic and quickly explained: the American government, regardless of who the president was, has always had the urge to interfere in affairs and distant countries that do not concern it in the least. Of course, every time it is about a lot of money, that’s what it’s all about. Pretty pathetic. And bin Laden didn’t let that stand and more than successfully turned the tables with his aides. The attacks in the United States of America were the logical and brutal consequence. Simple as that. If you look into this aspect more intensively, you inevitably ask yourself who the rogue state, the axis of evil, really is here in this game. The USA is to this day the greatest danger and the greatest terrorist in the world, no doubt about it.
The decrepit, current President Biden suits the more radical-minded Muslims just fine. In places, one has the impression that he no longer has all his senses together in his old age. Congratulations! I bet he won’t survive the four presidential years for reasons of age. One day he will stand at his lectern and slump forward dead, an image that will be representative of America and its allies, such as Germany. I guess the spirit of Osama bin Laden is laughing his ass off. China, too. The time for snootiness is already over.